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My name is Kat Carollo – allow me to give you a loud and proud New Jersey girl “welcome!” to my website. I am a VIZIO Makeup Academy certified professional makeup artist specializing in tutorials, product reviews, and television/film makeup and SFX.

How It all Began


Born and bred in New Jersey, I originally went to school for nursing. I loved helping people, but realized my passion was actually helping them feel wonderful both inside, and out. So, I swapped out my needles and blood pressure cuffs for brushes and blending sponges.

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Talented & Professional

If you want to learn how to do the perfect smoky eye or a flawless daytime look, need a product reviewed or are searching for a qualified, dependable (and fun) makeup artist for your film or television project or photo shoot, let’s chat!

Kat Carollo


Quality Services


My services range from simple makeup applications to full-body SFX. Whatever the cosmetic crisis, I am your solution. My job is never done until you’re smiling from ear to ear, I promise.


Unafraid Of The Unknown

I am constantly exploring new ways to achieve an original look. In order to be a maverick in this field, you cannot be afraid to fail.
Trying and developing new techniques are the only ways to stand out.

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I love the makeup and hair Kat did on me for the “Worthless Movie”! Kat has amazing talent. I can’t wait to work with her again! I would love to wear this makeup style everyday! 😄
Cynthea Donadio, Actress
Kat is not only a wonderful person but an amazing makeup artist. I have worked with her on two feature films now and have to say it’s always been a pleasure. She is one of the few makeup artists I have worked with who I trust to make me look my best. Her talent and her warm, bubbly personality make her an absolute joy to work with and to be around. I can’t say enough positive things about her! 🙂
Erin O'Brien, Actress
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Kat Carollo on the sets of both “Worthless” & “Fight Valley”, and both times she did an amazing job. She is one of the top Makeup Artists in the business. She has a great personality and a smile that will light up any room. She also has a great number of followers who really appreciate her advice on how to apply makeup and she gives excellent advice on makeovers. This woman is truly gifted and talented.
Jefferson Sanders, Actor | Fitness Model
Kat is the definition of professional, kind, and creative. Her work ethic is one to be admired and strive for. When Kat has done my makeup and hair, I have felt so beautiful. It is a joy to watch her do her craft and know how much she loves making people feel so good about themselves. Thank you Kat Carollo!
Josephine Horner
Kat was born to be a makeup artist! Not only is she beyond talented with her pallet but she has the personality to ease nerves and gain trust in a matter of minutes! Kat has done my makeup numerous times for a number of occasions and each and every time I am blown away when I’m handed the mirror. Thank you Kat for making me always feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident!
Lina Carollo
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kat on the feature, ” Worthless”. She is such a true talent and I enjoyed working with her. She shows patience, professionalism, and discretion to all of her clients. If you are looking for a complete transformation from a trained professional who knows her craft then she’s the woman!
Tanya Christiansen, Actress
I was lucky enough to have Kat do my makeup for a very special event! She is hands down the most amazing makeup artist. There are no words to describe her. Perfection is an understatement! Not only is she a phenomenal makeup artist, but her personality is one of a kind.
Theresa Kozlowski
Kat Corollo has been doing my makeup for a few years now. She has always reached my expectations. She’s gone from doing a simple prom makeup look on me to working long hours on movie sets, working with actors and actresses, making them look fantastic for the movie they are about to film. She will go above and beyond when it comes to makeup and hair and never fails to finish with a perfect result.
Alexandra Hickey
To work with Kat Carollo is to work with an incredibly talented artist and joyous personality. Kat gives a unique experience that leaves the performer, client, and production all in harmony with an overwhelming excitement for her work. Kat Carollo delivers absolute perfection, without fail, every time. I worked with Kat for the first time on the set of the movie, “Worthless” and felt so confident and beautiful walking on to set each day. I have, and will use Kat for any production, event, photoshoot, etc I need any sort of special effects, everyday glam, or character makeup in the future. With her expertise, innovative vision, specificity, and eye for the details, Kat Carollo is someone I forever want on my team. Beyond a pleasure to work with.
Laura Hine, Actress
I was lucky enough to work with her on a feature film in September, ‘Worthless.’ Kat had a big job of handling around 10 girls a day, managing a team of assistants as well as project manager. She ran the show with grace and style and always had a positive attitude, making sure everyone looked flawless. She is extremely talented at both hair and makeup, making it a fun and collaborative process. I can’t wait to work with her again!
Alexandra Grossi, Actress
I have had the privilege of being a subject of Kat. The reasoning behind our union was for a photoshoot for multiple movie posters. Without even taking my complete makeup off, she managed to transform me from a cheerleader, to having a smokey eye, to being a prison girl that had surely just gotten a beating handed to her. Kat exhibited her gift in the makeup artist industry. She was efficient, timely, quick, and she didn’t mess up once on the makeup. Furthermore, Kat is the most sweet, kind-hearted makeup artist I have EVER worked with. Not only is she self-made, but she continues to get job after job, because people continuously want her and her talent at their expense. I love Kat Carollo, her makeup expertise, and her kind, kind heart. After working with Kat, I genuinely am not sure I would want another makeup artist as my business companion as well as friend.
Danielle Driscoll, Actress
I met Kat in Aug. ’15 on the set of Fight Valley and got to see first hand her craft. She was someone that you felt that you were friends with the minute you spoke with her. Watching her work with the cast of Fight Valley was truly inspiring as you saw how much Kat loved her work. I was very fortunate to have met Kat because a year later, I gave her a call, as I needed her to to do my makeup, my mother’s and my nieces for halloween. Again, Kat connected with all of us as if we had all known each other for years, which makes for a great time and beautiful makeup! We all love Kat’s work and am looking forward to next halloween again, as I already had her pencil me in.
Jane Niziol
Kat Carollo is one of the nicest and most professional Makeup Artist I have worked with. She did my makeup for the movie “Fight Valley” along with special effects that even convinced my own family I was in a fight. When she’s not working on set I have taken advantage of her makeup tutorials for when I go out and about. I’m a tomboy so I didn’t learn to use makeup earlier on like everyone else so thanks to Kat I look good on and off the camera.
Serena DeJesus, Professional Fighter
Kat started doing my makeup for a movie I was filming 5 months ago and now I won’t go to anyone else. She makes it fun and her personality just adds to the whole experience. She really is amazing!
Brandi Mosko, Actress
I have had two experiences with Kat doing my makeup and I am impressed! I have been to many different salons for different events and always walk out looking like it’s “caked” on. Sometimes not even looking like myself. Kat gives me a fresh look, defined brows and brings out my favorite feature..my eyes! She takes the time and listens to what you want each visit, glam or natural she can do it. The salon environment is glamorous without the high-end price tag. Give my new “go-to” MUA a try, you will be selfie-ready in minutes.
Michele Markey
Kat did my makeup for all types of events leading up to my wedding, and of course on my wedding day! She also did my daughter and best friend. She’s professional, talented, patient, and listens to what you want. She always makes me look amazing!
Sandra Martinez Mailahn
I first met Kat on the set of “Wing Girl”. I must say she made me feel comfortable sitting there while she was getting me set-ready for my hair & makeup. Kat is a professional and respectful person on and off-set. Her character speaks volume as an individual. Looking forward to working with Kat in upcoming projects, teamwork makes the dream work!
Ashyer Gibbons, Actress

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